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What is Sex Addiction?

Understanding Sexual Addiction
Sex addiction is becoming an epidemic. WIth the ability to view pornography on your computer or phone, many men and women are spending exhorbitant amounts of time escaping. Unfortunately, porn can escalate to other activities including sexual massages, seeing prostitutes, and having affairs. Relationships and lives are being destroyed by this complusive behavior. Treatment combines cognative behavioral therapy with somatic therapy and trauma work. 

We begin with a thorough assessment to determine what is going to best serve the client’s needs.  We realize most people are calling at a time of crisis.  We have the clinical skills to address, educate and begin healing.  However, we don't want to waste your time or money. Therefore at SACC, we want to start with the simplest, least expensive level of care first.

"How do I know if I am 'addicted' or not?"

This simple, free, confidential test developed by expert 
Dr. Patrick Carnes is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive behavior which may indicate the presence of sex addiction.

Developed in cooperation with hospitals, treatment programs, private therapists, and community groups, it provides a profile of responses which help to discriminate between addictive and non-addictive behavior.

here to take the sex addiction screening test (simple, free, and confidential). 
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