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Couples Counseling

When there is trouble in the marriage or relationship the first place people go for therapy is couples counseling.  Reasonable assumption.  However with sex or porn addiction in the mix, the compulsive behavior must be addressed first.  At SACC we want to know the full story, and there is nothing we haven't heard.  You both will be fully heard and we will listen, assess and then provide competent treatment recommendations.  

Sex addiction is primarily an intimacy disorder rooted in childhood and/or adolescence.  This does not excuse the behavior nor at this stage do we ask the partner to be compassionate.  With cutting edge research working with attunement, attachment and trauma, we work with the couple to restore trust, desire and connection.  

Contact us today to start the repair.  And read below for our Couples Dance Therapy workshops.  Simple, powerful method to restoring trust and safety.

Dancing Into Intimacy Workshops are once a quarter on a Sunday from 9:30 a.m.  until 12:30 p.m.  The title sums up the essence of what we are doing.  Increasing intimacy is a basic desire for most couples.  However intimacy requires connection.  With sex addiction, but also what we am finding with couples in general, is that both people are not sure of what their role is in the relationship.  Communication has become ridden with misunderstanding, unresolved hurt feelings and protective mechanisms that inhibit warmth, connection, enjoyment and passion.  In this workshop we will be working with how it feels to come together with one person taking "the lead" and the other taking "the follow".  We play with switching off these energies through the morning.  When doing this work with individual couples comments such as "I feel so confident." and "I feel beautiful." also "We haven't connected like this in years!" are expressed.  

Wendy Conquest partners with a dance instructor.  The instructor expertly guides the couple through basic moves while Wendy watches for all the subtleties that happen the moment the couple comes onto the dance floor.  Does her body say she is scared? Does his body say he isn't fully in the relationship?  Do both stop breathing when they come into contact signaling anxiety, apprehension, a lack of trust?  Once revealed, we can work with all the dynamics to invite some vulnerability, perhaps a lot of courage, clarity, and some fun too!  

Workshops are 149 per person.  Contact us below to attend!  See you soon...

"The best part was learning a new way of connecting and feeling joyful and free with my spouse and us together."...
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