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Letters to a Sex Addict: The Journey Through Grief and Betrayal is a resource for partners of sex addicts and sexual addiction.

For men and women who suspect that their partner is a sex addict, this book of fictional letters provides help in identifying and understanding the experience and provides guidance in healing.

Directly mirroring a sex addict’s partner’s experience from multiple perspectives, Letters to a Sex Addict: The Journey Through Grief and Betrayal will help those affected by sex addiction to regain their sanity through healing.
Is one of these statements your story?
  • Your partner comes home late, hides texts and internet histories
  • Your sexual intimacy suddenly changes
  • Bizarre and inexplicable distance and distractions infect daily communications
  • You are blamed and criticized without warning — or simply ignored
  • Sudden changes in routine
  • Bizarre and inexplicable shifts in behavior
  • Emotional distance and excuses for lack of connection
  • Or, you have quickly and unexpectedly learned your partner has had an affair
All of these are tell-tale signs that something is seriously wrong, and you may the partner of a sex addict.
For a sex addict’s spouse or partner, these changes and fluctuations are maddening, making them think that they’ve done something wrong, that somehow their behavior or inattentiveness is the problem. This, however, could not be further from the truth.
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About Letters to a Sex Addict
This collection of fictional letters, inspired by real life, viscerally expresses what the partner of a sex addict is thinking and feeling. Readers will resonate with the emotional and psychological strain as well as grasp the hope that, with help, this disaster can be overcome. Designed to be easily read under stressful and traumatic circumstances, this book is an insightful, gut-wrenching, and ultimately realistic journey to from insanity to healing.
"I’m sensing a change in our relationship that I don’t understand, and it has me on edge. It’s not anything specific, but something has definitely changed. When I came to the office to bring some food for your staff, no one would look at me. I could feel the tension in the air. What’s that about? These people were always so friendly and open with me, and now they won’t even look at me.
You 'uninvited' me to the company Christmas party at the last minute, but you’re still going. Why are spouses not invited all of a sudden? And why are you working so late these last few weeks? You’ve never had to stay so late before.
You used to want me to come to bed whenever you were ready for the night, but lately you’re going to bed alone, without asking me if I’m tired. And when I come to bed, you’re already asleep." — Derailed, Columbia South Carolina
We are emotional beings. We sense changes on an emotional level even if on a rational level we don’t want to believe them. We can be talked out of our “gut feelings” believing that we are imagining things, The reality is that usually , our emotional sensors are right on target. This is what makes life for the partner or spouse of a sex addict such a confusing situation: their senses tell them something is happening, but their partner, the one they love and trust, insists everything is fine. There is little a partner can do to cause the behavioral change they seek. The only way life can change is if the sex addict admits their problem and gets the psychological help necessary.

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